We bid you welcome to our humble shop

Please look around, but touch at your peril!

You’ll find all kinds of spirits here: Magical gins, coloured gins, fruity and smoky elixirs, smooth and warming tinctures, and cold, dead mischievous ones too (but that’s just Maximillian, the Lodge’s resident poltergeist). Each spirit has a story, so be sure to familiarise yourself with them – your life may just depend upon it!

Our premium gins are best enjoyed from the hollowed-out skull of your enemy and they make the best gin cocktails that you’ll taste in this life or the next.

Choose your poison from the selection below and be prepared to have the most hexhilarating artisan gin experience of your (after)life.

Black Lodge Potions - 70cl Bottles

Black Lodge Potions - Five 5cl gift pack

Black Lodge Potions - 50cl Pouches


We may deal in the occult but that doesn’t mean we don’t respect Mother Nature. That’s why all our gins use 100% natural ingredients, come in 95% recyclable packaging, and leave no nasty pollutants after the distilling process is complete. Environmentally responsible premium gin for the more discerning witch, wizard, or demon.

Legend has it that these multi-award-winning craft gins with wickedly good flavours have been created in the Lodge’s artisan gin distillery for thousands of years… and that immortal hands are the secret to their magical taste. To learn how The Lodge came to be, you must find a key beginning with three…