About the Lodge - Black Lodge Potions

A moonless midnight journey taken,
Along a path, where hope's forsaken.

Through the trees, an ice wind blows,
Where branches tremble and hearts are froze.

The stench of oil from pure air - an omen of fate?
Enter freely and suffer, the demise that awaits.

In this strange abode, draped fabrics of red,
Exterminating bravery, all's remaining - sheer dread!

A flash of light, eerie absence of sound,
That dark, evil house - here, can no longer be found.

Another place, dimension, or spiritual realm?
Secrets kept dear, by the dweller at the helm.

The quest for this knowledge - a desperate plight,
Reveals a diet of pain and sorrow, fueling their delight.

Should one ever again, encounter this tomb,
Begone like the breeze or surrender to doom!

One chance to get out, they cannot be forever dodged,
They'll utterly annihilate your soul, in
candle magic star
magic star candle candle candle candle magic star