Black Lodge Potions


Our flavoured gin is crafted with skill,

By a coven of elders with voices so shrill,

They read from a spellbook by the light of the moon,

Stirring their cauldrons with a gnarled wooden spoon.

Ingredients they use are odd to be sure,

With nettle and chilli (and the odd monkey paw),

Taste them but once and you’ll shriek with delight,

Enslaved to them forever – a creature of the night

Award-winning premium craft gins inspired by gothic mythology

World Spirits Competition Winners || Great Taste Awards Winners

The Black Lodge Potions Journals

Take a look into the Black Lodge Potions Journals and Blogs to find out what we are up to.

If you’d like to sample some of our traditional style or flavoured gins before you buy, then the Black Lodge’s mad monks will be appearing in person at a number of festivals near you in the coming weeks and months.

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December News

Welcome, friends, to the final Black Lodge journal entry of the year, and what a year it has been. Black Lodge Potions are now available in more places than ever, our gins have won another prestigious award, and we’ve managed to break our shackles on more than one occasion (despite The Master’s best efforts) to meet you in person at events up and down the country. For all that and...

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November News

Now that the spooky season is sadly behind us and we’ve all openly enjoyed watching effigies of a certain Mr Fawkes burn on huge fires (ahhh, just like the good old days), Brother G and Brother T have turned their attention to the upcoming end of year festivities.

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